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2019 Update: Nomad Cruise 9

Nomad Cruise 9

I haven’t written a new blog post for more than seven months, so I figured its time for an update. I have been busy working on my new German blog about content marketing. I was able to apply all my learnings from this blog to the new blog and therefore the concept is bulletproof.

I have been living in Düsseldorf for the last couple of months, but I am going to go on a journey in a couple of weeks. I am talking about Nomad Cruise 9. It’s a two-week Cruise (18-30.11.2019) from Barcelona to Brazil. When Tarek, the founder of Nomads Giving Back, told me about the cruise last year I knew I had to go.

There are going to be more than 250 digital nomads on the ship and the cruise is a great opportunity to network and learn. The speaker line up is impressive and I am looking forward to meeting like-minded people and taking my business to the next level. Application is still open, so you can join me on my adventure.