The only way to get ahead is to find errors in conventional wisdom.

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I put all my heart and soul into this blog. It took me hundreds of hours to write these long-form articles for you.

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The rest is up to you,
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I Am Julian Power

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Hello reader,

I am happy you found my little business blog in the endless cyberspace. We are living In the age of information overload and everybody is competing for your precious time and attention, including me. I value your time and therefore I promise to write only actionable, insightful and practical articles.

During my master studies in Germany I worked in a sales position in a PropTech Startup to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship, and after graduating from university in 2017, I decided against the regular 9-5 grind and started my own productized service company in the education space. The company didn’t take off and I decided to shut it down after a couple of months. The company cost me a couple of grand, but I also discovered my love for writing and started this blog and freelancing on the side.

Last year, I moved to Medellín for four months to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and to film a documentary about Medellín as a Creative City. I also wrote an article series about living and working in Medellín. I am currently living in Düsseldorf and I am working on a new business (stealth mode).   

It’s easy to fall into the trap of climbing the career ladder to find success and ultimately happiness at the end of it. I think this one-size-fits-all approach is outdated and thats why I decided to explore alternatives. I am passionate about unconventional solutions and I see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to live on my own terms.  

My content is 100 % free, and I don’t use banner ads, because of their intrusive nature. However, I do like affiliate links, because of their simplicity and relevance for the reader. If you want to support my writing, you can click on an affiliate link and buy Julian Power approved products or services, and I get a small commission from the seller, at no extra cost for you. I see this as an appreciation of my work, and I use the earnings to fuel my coffee addiction while writing Pulitzer Prize quality articles for you.       

I hope you are not only reading my blog, but rather go a step further and implement my advice in your own business venture.                                      The rest is up to you,